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Friday, 30 August 2013 00:00

Bill Henkin speaks with Bill Henkin, Author of the Rocky Horror Picture Show Book!

By Ruth Fink-Winter

When I first started seeing Rocky, the first thing every fan had to get (after a copy of the soundtrack) was a book we called “The RHPS Bible.” The proper name is The Rocky Horror Picture Show Book.

Review by Christopher Ambler with James Norman

When I first found out about this album, my reaction was mixed. While I love the soundtrack to The Rocky Horror Picture Show (and who doesn't?) as it is, I also enjoy hearing others' interpretations of my favorite music. So I went into this album with an open mind. James shared my concern, saying, "When I found out about this album 24 hours ago, I had mixed reactions to sitting down and listening to it. After all, Science Fiction Reprise is a lullaby, but how would other songs fare that weren't? For me, the results were mixed."