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  • shinee created a new topic ' what to do with holding a 50 people laser show' in the forum.

    First, I'm buying from online shops

    Second, my budget is 500€ max, so if you have a different recommendation please tell me.

    Now, this is what I have narrowed my search:

    Single Green laser light show with eight heads (32€, free shipping).
    Eight claw Pro lighting Red Green dj laser light (47€, 27+20 shipping).
    Eight Multicolored Red + Green + Purple 200mW nightclub laser light (61€, 55+6 shipping, i could not find this one cheaper).

    If you have a better option for around the same price range please let me know. thanks guys!

    PS:Sorry for my poor English.

  • Jennifer Shelby replied to the topic 'Nice to meet you, Transylvanians!' in the forum.
    2 days ago

    Nice to meet you B)

  • Jennifer Shelby created a new topic ' Rocky Virgin! Not if Frank had his way though lol' in the forum.
    2 days ago

    Rocky Horror is quickly becoming one of my ALL time favorite movies and I only just saw it. I know, I'm way behind. I'd always heard things about it but never got around to seeing it. Then this halloween I went ot Universal Halloween Horror Nights in Orlando and saw the live version and I was blown away. I was determined to see it after that and have been hooked ever since. Frank is the sexiest ever!! It's odd that I have such an attraction to an androgynous man. Especially since I mainly prefer women. Whatever tho I'd still love Frank long time lol :) I'm very excited to meet other RHPS fans.

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    3 days ago
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