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RHRFrankie created a new topic ' FOX TV RHPS "2" -- TRAILER AND RELEASE DATE!!' in the forum. 1 week ago

FOX TV RHPS to be revealed OCTOBER 31st, 2016.
Here's the link to the OFFICIAL1st TRAILER for the film. If you want the actual download, let me know. I've downloaded the 30 second trailer directly.


RHRFrankie created a new topic ' RHPS "2" Fox TV Publicity rollout & Photos' in the forum. 1 week ago

The Fox TV publicity effort has begun, as Entertainment Weekly posts photos. Just in case you haven't seen them yet or had them brought to your attention -here's some photos released so far. Enjoy? Do keep in mind that they are doing a play version, live and recorded for TV. What do you think?
Myself? I'm rather puzzled over the "costumes" and "sets" that where chosen..

(just in case the website fails to upload the photos, please feel free to see my facebook postings under RU Frankie)


RHRFrankie created a new topic ' RHPS "2" FOX TV REMAKE: THE CAST AND CREW POSTS' in the forum. 1 week ago

Some photos from cast and crew, as principle filming has completed. Enjoy, these photos that have surfaced. They are -
Columbia's dressing room doll
'Janet' and Director
Cast members selfie
Cast/Crew Image creation
September 2015, Screen Shot test of our new Frankie

(should this website uploading fail, please feel free to see the photos on my facebook page, under RU Frankie)


larry selvage created a new topic ' Forming new Shadow Cast in Grand Rapids' in the forum. 2 weeks ago

Hope this is the right place. We are the West Michigan Transylvanian Society (WMTS) Forming a new RHPS shadow cast in Grand Rapids, MI. Have confirmed theater with a show the first Saturday of every month starting June 4th. We are still recruiting for cast and crew. Drop me a note if interested!

I am a 30 year Rocky vet, finally getting the chance to start a cast from the ground up, making sure to do it right!


Oscar Clark added a video. 3 weeks ago

Oscar Clark's Rocky Horror Show Mobile Game Dev...

In which Oscar Clark tells a tale of F2P mobile game developers using the concept of the Rocky Horror Show, and gets some of his kit off.