RHPS showing at the Golden Horse Film Festival, Taipei, Taiwan

RHPS showing at the Golden Horse Film Festival, Taipei, Taiwan


I first became aware that The Rocky Horror Picture Show was shown at all in Taiwan last year, when a friend forwarded me a photo featuring a shadowcast performer as Frank posing in front of the Mandarin Chinese-subtitled movie screen, belting it out to Sweet Transvestite. As it turned out, it has been shown with partial shadowcast as part of the Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival (台北金馬影展, http://www.ghfff.org.tw/) once a year for the last seven years. My handful of fellow North American expatriate RHPS-loving friends and I were disappointed to have missed it but were excited about going this year. After months of seaching online, we finally learned the exact show date about three weeks in advance. We decided to assemble the best costumes we could in the short time before the show. In the meantime, we waited patiently for tickets to go on sale for the one and only show date on April 11, 2015. Unfortunately, all of the tickets for both the 7 PM and 10 PM showings sold out within five minutes! We ended up having to buy scalped tickets at a 250% upcharge (about $16.25 USD per ticket-- the most I've ever paid for a regular RHPS ticket, and definitely the only time I haven't been able to just buy tickets from the box office). While this situation was of course disappointing, it is clear that the show and experience are geting more popular and well-known every year. On the other hand, it also means that scalpers have caught on to its popularity and take advantage of the relatively cheap ticket price (equivalent to about $6.50 USD) to make money off of fans of the show. 


The showing was at the Shin Kong Cineplex (新光影城) in Ximending, a Taipei neighborhood known for its movie theater district as well as LGBT culture and Japanese youth fashion. My three friends and I ended up going to the 10 PM show, figuring that in the tradition of RHPS, it was closer to midnight. The line to get in grew to be very long and crowded and there was a lot of media attention such as videographers and photographers, not to mention the many audience members and festival staff who wanted photos of the four of us in costume. Once we were let in, we collected our popcorn, which was included in the ticket price, and took our seats. The theater had about 200 seats and was completely full. The style was a modern cinema setup with two aisles and a very nice spotlight, but no elevated stage.


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