Review - Be Just and Fear Not: Memoirs of a Rocky Horror EmCee

Review - Be Just and Fear Not: Memoirs of a Rocky Horror EmCee


Be Just and Fear Not: Memoirs of a Rocky Horror EmCee - Chadwick Cunningham (2012, print on demand at, $7.99).

Cunningham documents his experiences with Rocky Horror casts the Clinton Street Cabaret and the Denton Delinquents, first running center spotlight and eventually breaking onto the stage as emcee for both casts and for Repo! cast the Oregon Donors.

Chadwick recounts his first time at CSC’s “Fuck With Your Character” Night, where cast are asked to make their costume as crazy as they like. As he was on spotlight he decided to dress up in a Hawaiian theme and claim that he was the ‘Tropical Sun’. Later, at CSC’s switch night, where everyone drew characters out of a hat, he got the role of emcee for a night. Clinton Street Theater emcee’s starts the show with a half hour comedy routine, with fresh material for every show. He spent every spare moment of the two weeks before the show preparing for the role. As soon as he finished, he was asked to become the regular emcee for the Oregon Donors, and within the week he was also asked to be the emcee for Denton Delinquents.

Cunningham takes us through a pivotal but transitory time in his life, starting where he rediscovered Rocky after 20 years by attending RockyPalooza 7, and ending a year later when he gave his final emcee performance for a fresh crowd at a film festival held at Clinton St, using his months of material to craft a routine that earned him a standing ovation. This fun 110 page book should ring true with anyone who can remember the thrill of being under the spotlight for the first time, although hardcore Rocky Horror fans may not be impressed with Chadwick’s brief time in that spotlight.

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