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30 October 2015
By Christopher Lawrence Reis O’Brien started out his Rocky Horror career by being literally thrown into the part of “Brad Majors” in a cast called “The Erotic Nightmares.” Little did he know years later he would be contributing to Rocky Horror pop culture history. We recently had the opportunity to ...
02 July 2015
  I first became aware that The Rocky Horror Picture Show was shown at all in Taiwan last year, when a friend forwarded me a photo featuring a shadowcast performer as Frank posing in front of the Mandarin Chinese-subtitled movie screen, belting it out to Sweet Transvestite. As it turned out, i...
Ruth F-W
20 May 2015
What has Larry Viezel, The Royal Mystic Order of Chaos, and articles you can quote in your senior thesis? New book “Fan Phenomena: The Rocky Horror Picture Show”! “Fan Phenomena: The Rocky Horror Picture Show” (2015, Intellect Books, ed. Marisa Hayes; $16.74 at  is...



18 - 21 August 2016


Not much to say at this point other than RKO Army will be reprising their success in 2016!

Community Activity

RHRFrankie created a new topic ' FOXTV RHPS Casting Complete - Dr. Scott' in the forum. yesterday

Rocky Horror Resurrection NEWSFLASH 2/8/16
- Dr. Everett Scott is cast! Announced on Sunday!
- Casting NEWS from FOX TV - IT's OFFICIAL!
- Major Casting Complete
Hi Everybody,
Announced yesterday by Fox TV. The last of the cast has been chosen for the FOXTV "re-imaged" RHPS to be shown at a FALL date (likely October? my guess) this year. Apparently initial rehearsals are already in motion. Some actors have been posting and commenting on various sites - from Twitter to Facebook. See the site listings (on my first cast, post) for those links, if you wish to follow or join in their discussions. See the press release link for cast photos.

** the new FOX TV remake will begin production in MARCH 2016, in Toronto
(see below for new and old casting details)

Let's wish them luck as we all await thru the long spring and summer for the results of their labor.
Take care and keep in touch.
RU Ru Frankie

NEW 2/8/16
Dr. Everett V. Scott (a rival scientist) --- announced 2/5/16 = Ben Vereen, see photo below Press release details =
Ru Frankie's photo.


RHRFrankie created a new topic ' Magenta, Columbia casting FOXTV announcements' in the forum. 4 days ago

Rocky Horror Resurrection NEWSFLASH 2/5/16
- the new FOX TV remake will begin production in MARCH 2016 in Toronto
- Magenta and Columbia Casting Announced this week!
- Casting NEWS from FOX TV - IT's OFFICIAL!

Hi Everybody,
Have you survived Ground Hog's Day?
Maybe not 6 more weeks of winter BUT 6-7 more months of RHPS anti - cipation!

Just in case that you have not yet seen the facebook or other internet postings;
Here's more news about the FOX TV remake of RHPS, just out this week.
See below for a casting update. See prior post for other casting info.

Who will be Dr. Everett Scott? The world awaits the announcement soon.

Take care and keep in touch.
Ru Frankie

Magenta (a domestic) / church staff --- announced 2/3/16 = Christina Milian; see photo below. Press release details =
-- and "Milian is currently starring on the Fox series Grandfathered. The Grammy-nominated musician on Lil Wayne’s Young Money/Cash Money/Universal label also appeared in Be Cool, Love Don’t Cost a Thing and Christina Milian Turned Up, her own E! network reality series. Milian was the social media correspondent for The Voice and showed up to dance on Season 17 of Dancing with the Stars."

Columbia (a groupie) / church staff --- announced 2/1/16 = Annaleigh Ashford; see photo below. Press release details =


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He was a low-down-cheap-little-punk!

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It is also a powerful and irrational master.

Time meant nothin', never would again!