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Review - Be Just and Fear Not: Memoirs of a Rocky Horror EmCee
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  Be Just and Fear Not: Memoirs of a Rocky Horror EmCee - Chadwick Cunningham (2012, print on demand at, $7.99). Cunningham documents his experiences with Rocky Horror casts the Clinton Street Cabaret and the Denton Delinquents, firs...
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Rocky Horror Cast "Types" Stereo
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Here's a basic truth about Rocky Horror:  Every cast is different.   Here's another:  Every cast is the same.   Oh, they vary in many ways, some subtle and some not-so-subtle.  But when it comes right down to it, there are a lot of very similar (and similarly minded) peo...
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An interview with Perry Bedden
The Rocky Horror Picture Book: peruse a Transylvanian’s backstage Rocky Horror snaps! Perry Bedden, stageshow Frank, onscreen Transylvanian, and snapshot enthusiast has been tantalizing fans for some time with his behind-the-scenes Rocky Horror photos. Now you can buy the Rocky Horror Picture Book,...
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Cast Spotlight

Denton Delinquents The Denton Delinquents was started in September of 2006 in Portland, Oregon, and remained at their original venue for nearly six years before making the decision to move to their current theatre in Vancouver, Washington.

On hiatus for nearly a year while they negotiated with FOX to get the license to show the movie and perform in their theatre, they have settled just 12 miles from their original start, which is still home to a cast. The Delinquents used to allow all ages to join, but in their new location cast membership is limited to 18+, though their shows continue to be all-ages. The majority of the Delinquents have been around for at least a year or more, and they really love what they do - and it shows! An incredibly dedicated bunch, they perform at The Kiggins Theatre in Vancouver, Washington on the 4th Saturday of every month.


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  • Glenn Harrison created a new topic ' Rocky Horror Experience - tribute show' in the forum.
    7 hours 43 minutes ago

    Hi folks, greetings from the UK. I have always enjoyed the movie, but went to my first theatre presentation of TRHPS early this year, and I was blown away. I went the whole hog and dressed as Dr Scott with stockings. It was very liberating! <i class=" title="" class="bbcode_smiley" />

    Shortly we are going to have a local showing of "Sweet Transvestite, Rocky Horror Experience", which is a tribute act performing the music from the show. The one near me is in Wolverhampton, West Midlands, UK. I think it should still be fun, without the show itself, and I am hesitating about whether to dress up. Is anyone else in the UK who is going, or has previously been to one and knows what to expect?

    Thanks, Glenn

  • Donnie created a new topic ' Looking for a certain member...' in the forum.

    Hey guys,

    It's a coincedence that I do love Rocky Horror but I'm here for something else. I'm awfully desperate about finding a certain person on the internet.

    I don't know much about him/her but this youtube account belongs to him/her:

    He/She wrote about being a Rocky fan in one of the video description boxes on youtube. That's why I thought I might find that person here. It's probably someone from the UK and around 35 to 40 years old?

    What I need is an email or social network account - anything, so I can contact him/her.

    I would appreciate your help guys!

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  • Linda created a new topic ' The Transylvanian 3 editions, Tim Curry Autograph!' in the forum.
    7 days ago

    :woohoo: I am selling three editions of The Transylvanian (Vol 1, Nos 1,2 & 3). These were published by The Rocky Horror Fan Club in 1978 & 1979. I am also including a Tim Curry autograph from his 'Read My Lips' tour. Go to eBay and check these out before they're gone!

  • The RKO Floor Show shared a photo.
    2 weeks ago