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RHPS showing at the Golden Horse Film Festival, Taipei, Taiwan
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  I first became aware that The Rocky Horror Picture Show was shown at all in Taiwan last year, when a friend forwarded me a photo featuring a shadowcast performer as Frank posing in front of the Mandarin Chinese-subtitled movie screen, belting it out to Sweet Transvestite. As it turned out, i...
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New Book "Fan Phenomena: The Rocky Horror Picture Show"
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What has Larry Viezel, The Royal Mystic Order of Chaos, and articles you can quote in your senior thesis? New book “Fan Phenomena: The Rocky Horror Picture Show”! “Fan Phenomena: The Rocky Horror Picture Show” (2015, Intellect Books, ed. Marisa Hayes; $16.74 at  is...
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Mini-review: Wild and Untamed Thing: Richard O'Brien - the Lost Interview
Wild and Untamed Thing - Phil South, 2014.This is actually an unedited transcript of an interview Phil South did of Richard O'Brien in 1985. It's available in book form (published on demand through Lulu - check out that faux-retro cover!; Amazon has a Kindle version) and includes a thoughtful pref...
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Cast Spotlight

Denton Delinquents The Denton Delinquents was started in September of 2006 in Portland, Oregon, and remained at their original venue for nearly six years before making the decision to move to their current theatre in Vancouver, Washington.

On hiatus for nearly a year while they negotiated with FOX to get the license to show the movie and perform in their theatre, they have settled just 12 miles from their original start, which is still home to a cast. The Delinquents used to allow all ages to join, but in their new location cast membership is limited to 18+, though their shows continue to be all-ages. The majority of the Delinquents have been around for at least a year or more, and they really love what they do - and it shows! An incredibly dedicated bunch, they perform at The Kiggins Theatre in Vancouver, Washington on the 4th Saturday of every month.


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    Melissa's gallery of her shadowcast, Untamed Things.
  • John Fischer replied to the topic 'Hm.' in the forum.
    2 days ago

    I may just use this.

  • John Fischer replied to the topic 'John's Favorite Callbacks' in the forum.
    5 days ago

    The best line I've come up with is shouting out a spoiler between when Columbia leaves the table and when she starts crying off screen. Last year it was "AUGUSTUS WATERS DIES!!!". I'm not sure what it's going to be this year. A line that everyone hated me for was the "SHOW ME [DEAD CELEBRITY]" line where I asked for "THAT KID FROM 'GLEE'!". So many piercing stares, I tell you. At least I didn't go as far as my roommate who asked for Robin Williams. I think we all wanted to strangle him.

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    5 days ago

    So what's shakin? I'm John, I've been a fan since I saw it at the Mesker (God Rest Its Soul) on September 30, 2011. I've never actually seen an actual shadowcast, let alone acted in one, but that's definitely on my bucket list. I'm just stopping by to say hello to you all and share in one of my favorite traditions. It's weird, in Southern Indiana, RHPS screenings are far and few between most of the year, so once October rolls around, I jump at any I can. Thanks for your time, I'm very glad to be here!